Drifting aimlessly, trapped in the seas of grief,

Those slow stormy nights, of utter disbelief,

Encased in endless darkness, untethered in space,

The loss of you, no, I just, I cannot face,

From the deepest seas, right to the farthest star,

Doesn\'t even come close to how loved you are,

You see I thought ide have time to watch you grow,

Watch you happy, giggling in the fresh snow,

I thought we\'d fight over clothes and silly boys,

With paint on the wall and falling over toys,

I thought and I thought, but now, I cannot think,

Just the thought of you makes my shatterd heart sink,

Our stolen time, promises that were broken,

And everything that is now left unspoken,

It won\'t be long, the blink of an eye sweetheart,

It will be, as if, we were never apart,

Enjoy heaven, Wrapped in all that peace and love,

Soon I\'ll fly upto you, my sweet little dove.