Face Of The Forest

Face of the forest


Rain falls through the eyelashes of the tree

Forming a river of tears and rushing down to its knees

Clenching fists it came back all but too soon

I look down at my palms to the shapes of crescent moons


Holding my breath like a gap in the wind

Trying to uproot myself from the misery within

A storm brings the thunder to crack through the sky

Head thumping hard just trying to get by


The forest stands still showing no weakness

But under the earth the rot begins to surface from the deepness

The Branches and trunks they crack and break

The forest is falling its no longer safe


But how do they save it how do they help

They break out the axes and chop till it yelps

They tell it to cut off its branches to just brush it off

But the forest is screaming it gets sicker and coughs


Chopping and cutting they make it fall down

“This will fix the forest” “It will benefit the town”

“We can use the wood for fires” “we can use..”

but they have cut away the forest now there’s nothing left to loose


The trees are skinny and broken the land stripped bare  

The Forest is barren and do you think you still care?

You killed off your forest you said this would work

You treated it with hostility and you made the forest hurt


The people from the town over tried to tell you too

They had a rotting forest but they helped it pull through

They help up there trees and supported the weakening roots

Fertilised and nurtured they planted some new shoots


They watered it with kindness and loved it everyday

They didn’t approach it with anger and let evil get in the way

Everything is different and now nothing is the same

If they didn’t help the forest then nothing would ever change


It didn’t happen instantly it look a bit of time

But soon grew new nature and the trees began to reach and climb

The forest left the darkness,  The weakness left behind

But the lesson of this poetry is to always be kind.