Ever notice how a minute can seem so long?

How it stands still when times are wrong.

Ever notice how an hour can go by so fast?

Wishing in good times a little longer it would last.

Ever notice how dark the skies can really be?

On those nights when your feeling a little lonely?

Ever notice how bright the skies can seem?

When your not afraid to let yourself dream.

Ever notice how love can break your heart?

Moving in completely and ripping it apart.

Ever notice how love can also set you free?

Opening your eyes so you can see eternity.

Ever notice how time can stand still?

Haunting your mind and weakening your will.

Ever notice how time can pass right by?

Taking precious moments in a blink of an eye.

Ever notice how life can be so unfair? 

Leaving pain and sorrow without even a care.

Ever notice how life can be so sweet?

Pieces coming together making us complete.

Ever notice how you can love someone so much?

The closer you get the further your out of touch.

Ever notice when you love someone with all?

Makes everything else seem so small.

I have taken notice of all these things you see.

Because of the love you have given me.