Hollow Enigma

The Whole World in Her Hands

Hey there doll
Holding the world like a ball

What with the cigs that you smoke
You know I’m all but broke.

I heard you were great and all
The audience said you were ten feet tall

But where do you get all your love?
How does your smile fit like a hand to a glove

Don’t you miss the times
We learned about reading road signs

We didn’t get the kicks back then
Now fly while I sit in a locked iron pen

I am proud but a broken heart for you
I know at nights you wonder how I am too

You showed the world something I couldn’t even imagen
While I fall to rock bottom’s last bastion

If I don’t come too
and life stops mixing my stew

I hope you know bitterness I don’t hold
For these slippery hands aren’t as bold

Know no matter your future nor past
I’ll cheer till life is no longer vast