Good riddance to bad rubbish ! ( with thanks to Rose/Brown/Henderson )


More than several years ago,
in my apartment out in Spain,
That day I could have strangled you,
For using my long dead wife\'s name in vain.

I told you \"go forth and multiply\",
But then no attempt you ever made,
Then more than four long years passed us by,
When some Autism card, you slyly played.

We\'d just come in from doing a grocery shop,
Arguing with my son, who was well wise to you,
Straight away he asked you just what type of autism ?
You were stumped and you didn\'t have a bloody clue.

You got the arse, stormed off, searched round,
Packed some bags, and then you phoned a friend,
They came to pick you up, I told them,
They\'d be real sorry in the end.

So at last your gone out of my life,
Do I miss you, hell no, not one jot,
You were never about anyway,
And my life\'s improved a bloody lot !

I wrote this little poem for you,
To let you know just how much your missed,
For your scintilating conversations,
And your regular binges, getting pissed !!!
................................... .......

I\'ll saw the legs off some old table,
And grab two warm arms off some old chair,
Then take the neck off some thick bottle,
And from an old sofa take horse hair,
I\'ll take the hands and face from some old clock,
And then missy, when I\'m through,
I\'ll get far more love and affection from that home made dummy,
Than I ever got from you !!!