Cybersurfing netizen flounders...

analogous to a fish out of water


Ever since being a little gull hubble buoy,
I bobbed (while donning square pants)

like spongy flotsam and jetsam at sea.


Now as one decrepit

humble lumpenproletariat neopoet,

I experienced existence

with pronounced sentience

heavily accentuated courtesy

acute social anxiety,

which fostered kinship

with all creatures great and small.


Camaraderie long fostered

across global - webbed, wide

whirled real estate

among flora and fauna,

especially animal and plant species,

not linkedin with beleaugured Homo sapiens

biological diversity livingsocial without war,
nor chose total mortal kombat

rather idyllic, edenic and authentic entities

simon pure non


genetically modified organisms

thriving in their natural environments

without threat of extinction

since the presence

of peaceful cohabitation

will be blessedly integrated

within Deoxyribonucleic acid

of every cellular group

kindled, limned, minted...

under the nearest sun.


I Yearn analogous to phototropism
for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
allowed, enabled, and provided
every quintessential organic material

jump/kickstarted on planet earth,

without gofundme seed money

yet painfully accept
nevertheless, no heavenly delight

promised for this atheist!


No matter bleak existence portrayed,
nonetheless this (baby boomer) dreamer
oft times evocative edenic reveries bekiss

mine psyche with pastoral trappings
evoking utopian bliss

on par with drawing winning lottery ticket,
which fantasy I quickly dismiss,

where dolorous voices within me hiss
mocking pipe dream compensating

for unlived life hide miss

whiling away hours
of young adulthood...
this threescore plus three

amazing gracefully aged man

did blithely piss
away enraptured with Swiss
Family Robinson fantasy,
gladly exchanging tsoris


entailing breathtaking adventure
versus sequestered bookishness burr

rowed nose engrossed
with page turner capture

ring imagination of this erstwhile drifter
addressing, fixating, and keeping coiffure

as disheveled appearance, where daily
father and mother showed me the door
particularly on account, cuz for one more
nanosecond, they could not endure
this healthy sole son vaping expenditure
as both parents toiled away,

they tired trying to swallow failure
while primarily main feature
of this poem lackadaisical
exhausted as an Evansburg Park fixture
(calling squirrels on first name basis),
no sooner this bookworm gave vague gesture

after setting foot inside abode - \'pon dusk
asper whereabouts, off
into bedroom I did immure

and disappear into story

maybe one about main
character pledging indenture


role as heavy footsteps shook
324 Level Road domicile infrastructure

awaiting the wrath
of Khan spouting ultimatums

our father/son rapport long did inure
a \"NON FAKE\" wall not immune
to malicious, noxious, obnoxious,

pernicious, vicious... lecture
to offspring who long outwore his
Harris Tweed Scottish welcome mat,
yet... feared testing nonsecure
mooring which familiarity bred contempt!