Poem, Women of the Book!

“As beautiful as they were wise.

As strong as they were kind.

As courageous as they were considerate.

As loving as they were resolute.”


These are the only Prophetess’s in the Biblical Narrative.

The Great Matriarch’s of the Book.

Equal in our story told in the Book.

Uniquely told stories by the Book.

7 in total, who at times were stronger Prophetic people than their husbands or counterparts were, like Sarah the wife of Abraham.


2)Miriam (Moses Sister)


4)Channah (Hannah)




Do You see the women of our Country (USA) with these characteristics?

Do You see the women of your Country with these characteristics?

Do You have any of these characteristics?

If So Then, Keep it to yourself and our Father in humility as these Women did,

Or maybe not.

Oh Yeah, and maybe write your own unique Book, like these wonderful women did, during perilous times.

We are living in perilous times, whether you or I or anyone else sees it.