Christ Is Preeminent in the Church - (Series 3B)

Tune: University

(\'The church of God a kingdom is\')

Colossians 2 v.1-3


May hearts be comforted, and they

Be encouraged each day

People knit together in love

By the Spirit, the dove


And attaining e\'en unto all

The riches of the full

Assurance of understanding

Which the true gospel brings


So that people may have knowledge

And may see, envisage

The mystery of God, open

Secret unto all men* (*mankind)


Mystery of God, Father, Son

Christ is the Son, the One

Sent from above that people know

Salvation, in Him grow


In Him are hid all the treasures

Of wisdom, true pleasures

And all the treasures of knowledge

He the Way to God, [the] bridge