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Falling in love is like diving into the ocean with no life jacket

Everything will always have a golden glow about it

It will all look so picture perfect

Like a clear night sky untouched by even the dream of a storm

It was the first time I knew what love is

Terrible and magnificent

It was so much more than the words I hear in movies

But even the beautiful sunset so beautiful and bright turn to dark uncertain nights

If only I could find a way to see this straight

For I never thought I will meet the day I see my last sunrise

For without the stars, I could never understand the dark

Smooth like marble, sapping your courage and covering your judgment

The clouds I could handle but how can I fight with eclipse

The world now seems an impossible distance away

Oh, how love gave someone the power to break you and break you beyond repair

I was like a lost moon

Like a sunless day fading towards a starless night

I lost myself in the bottomless sensation

Forbidden to remember……Terrified to forget..........