Highway of Holiness

The highway of Holiness is the path we must walk,

If we aim to enter the Lord\'s Kingdom,we must hurry and not balk.

We must decide to follow the Lord wherever He might lead us,

We mustn\'t put it off any longer,for God is righteous and just.

He loves us regardless of where we\'ve been,if we surrender ourselves to God He will forget and forgive our every sin.

He will prepare us for our destiny and place us where we are the most beneficial for His Kingdom,

We must do whatever work God put before us,and give our all,and then some.

Everything happens for a reason, whether we believe it or not,

Everything we do or say,every single thought.

God\'s plan is much greater than we are,

We must follow ,no matter how near or far.

So we need to put God first in all that we do,

I walk on the Highway of Holiness,How about you?