Eugene S.


It wasn\'t a beast who broke me
For that would be expected
No, it was something so much more familiar and respected

It wasn\'t an animal who tore me asunder
To feed or to protect his young
No, it was a fellow being who wanted me undone

For beasts are in the natural world
To fulfill their roles, perform their duties
But people, do I fear the most - so creative with their cruelties

It wasn\'t an animal who shot Kennedy or Reagan
It wasn\'t anything wild that tortured the Jews
And I\'ve seen lives effectively ended by familial words in the news

It wasn\'t a bear who stole your retirement
Or a fox who took your jewels
It was the mind of a brother breaking society\'s rules

Like I said, they are very very creative
And \'get\' you when you\'re unaware
They watch and wait and scheme until you fall into their snare

It wasn\'t a real monster in that fiction book
That ate everyone alive
No, the author\'s words weren\'t flippant or contrived

It wasn\'t his folly in the pages
It was what he feared the most
He alluded to an evil - deep in our human host

It came to me once in a dream - so so long ago
A giant chased me as I ran in fear
And once I looked, did the face appear


More than a monster

More than a ghost