The Price of Our Salvation

The Price of our Salvation,was a heavy one indeed,

Jesus had freely given His life for all of us who are in need,

The crown upon His head was ladened heavy with thorns,

That ripped at His human flesh that bled and was torn,

He laid down His life for all of us sinners,

And died on that wooden cross, so that we can become winners,

We win, when we give ourselves over to Christ Jesus,

And He will be our advocate on Judgement Day when the Lord is separating us,

His sheep from the goats, placing us exactly where we belong,

I pray that if you are one of His sheep,you will lift your voice with a song,

A song of worship and praise,

Falling to our knees and our hands,we will raise,

We are Brothers and Sisters coming together in the Lord\'s name,

The Price of Salvation,was Jesus Christ taking all of our blame,

I love the Lord,and I will always submit and obey,

Have you made this fateful decision to surrender,will you today??