Shards of my soul

Shards of my soul ...

Left behind

in the dark woods

and forests,

where wildflowers

line the paths,

where the dappled sunlight

falls through thick trees,

where the leaves

whisper in the breeze ...

Shards of my soul ...

left behind

in the majestic blue mountains 

and the valleys that lie

in the shadows of the 

drifting clouds ...

On the sandy beaches kissed 

by an aquamarine sea ...

Shards of my soul ...

left behind

in the beautiful places

I have seen.

The shards lie dormant

until a flicker,

just a tiny flicker

of light awakens them,

and they glow and shine

travelling miles 

to light up my memories,

memories of

those lovely places

filling me with

wondrous happiness.

Pieces of my soul, lost,

but the shards left behind

shine, bright and beautiful

connecting my soul forever ...