Doggerel Dave

Concerning Some ā€˜Cā€™ Words.

It just happens I pass a doggie park,     

During my walk to stay fit and healthy.

Let off leash these dogs are allowed to lark,

Sniff one another’s bums and pee quite free.


Young man and woman alone on the green:

They both in deep conversation I think;

Strangers, according to the space between.

Dogs ignore such conventions in a wink.


These dogs were out there and having great fun

as one gave the other a piggy-back.

Untroubled and free? Outcomes with this done?

Human guidance a conspicuous lack.


My return saw the couple’s space reduced,

While the dogs took advantage, no question;

And human reserve gradually unloosed

For perhaps a similar completion…….?


Conversation then contraception

Before copulation is a better way;

Then no regrets after consummation

for humans; ignore doggie’s fun today……