Heavenly Hailings - Carol Series (8)

Tune: Mendelssohn

(\'Hark, the herald angels sing\')

Luke 2 v.4-14


Mary, Joseph, they did rest

At Bethlehem, there birth blessed

For Mary brough forth first-born

Son, Jesus, first Christmas morn

Wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, laid

Him in manger, babe arrayed

In animals feeding trough

It sufficed, it was enough



Christ our Saviour born on earth

Men and angels sing His worth


For there was no room in inn

So they without, not within

In stables creatures wondered

At birth of this King and Lord

Born in such a lowly state

Yet Son of God, high and great

Welcomed in that humble place

Full of truth and full of grace - Chorus


There were in the same country

Shepherds abiding, they be

In the field, keeping watch o\'er

Their flock by night, safe and sure

And, lo, angle of the Lord

Came to them, gave them a word

The glory of the Lord shone

On them, lightened every one - Chorus


The shepherds greatly afriad

Were at this bright scene displayed

Angel said to them, fear not

Behold, happy be your lot

For I bring you glad tidings

Of great joy, heaven, earth sings

Which shall be to all people

This word it shall not fail, fall - Chorus


For to you is born this day

In city of David, way

There you know, and you may see

Him, a Saviour, Christ He be

He Christ the Lord, and this shall

Be a sign, so you may tell

That it is He, you shall find

Him wrapped in swaddling-clothes bind - Chorus


Laying in a manger He

Shall be, and then suddenly

With angel a multitude

Of the heavenly host viewed

Praising God, and saying best

Glory to God in th\' highest

And on earth peach, good will to

Mankind, Christ comes unto you - Chorus