Time to say goodbye

A sensitive kid with a loving mother

beaten and tortured by the world

A curious nature and a daydreamer

Lived in a fantasy world but afraid of the dark


He fell in love once and had to fight the world

He doesn\'t know how he got the courage

He fought the battles for the one he loved


The battle seems never to end

it just gets bigger and bigger

He became great at fighting the outer world

but losing the war every second within himself


He kept going alone

He kept fighting alone

He never complaint about the pain


then someone came along

who understood him from the inside

she knew what\'s going on by just hearing his voice


She was always there for him

they celebrated the sunshine and rainbows

they had the best of times


He finally got his moment of joy

But the joy didn\'t last long, and

she was gone without saying a goodbye


He has suffered every single day since then

the spirit of fighting kept him alive

but It\'s time to move on and say goodbye.