My Boy Ryngkhlem

All the goodbyes! Dear Year.

How easy is it to say goodbye?
Along compatible with the other by
No wonders! It\'s the talk ever
Thankful for the year that satisfies for sure.
Thankful to the very year of mine,
So effortless to pass me by...
It has got a lot of peculiarities. Much more!
To self me with manifestation.
But now left goodbyes just!
Must miss you with times than one\'d be, My Year.
The strength you gave for ensuing
For we know not the sake we lived,
My message to you ended with even
Having the same as always I\'m
So also would all love one does.
Now you\'d forthright and I know we\'d live.
I could depart the while
Yet never would I have you then?
With rememberings is all yours and the only
All the goodbyes! Dear Year.