Shahla Latifi

If You Want Me

If you want me, get me slowly, step by step,

with lots of good thoughts in your head

with your heart filled with love just for me.


If you want me, do not rush,

take your steps slow but steady,

and if you ever stumble on a rock of frustration,

I would appreciate it if you could think of me.


If you want me, do not throw an empty compliment,

a used, recycled phrase,

a typical gesture of pity to me


if you want me, you should first study me,

to know my liking,

my dislikes, the depth of my soul, my heart

to know if my heart is pure or slightly tainted.


If you want me

you have to be enriched with philosophy

improved ethically, morally, actively


If you want me, don’t stare my way—come closer, braver

and honest next to me


If you want me

you have to be independent,

free of laziness, clutter, and messiness in your head

You must be in love with nature, aware of your true nature.


If you want me, you must be religion-free

No prayers at night, no fear of God,

empty of phrases, preaches, and unsentimental thoughts


If you want me

you have to be honest and passionate about your kind.


Shahla Latifi

December 2022