Jerry Wayne Lawrence

Necropolis \'23

Darquely, Gargoyles Bloody. Shadowed Bliss.

Kiss Of Death. Nightmares Aflare.

Stare @ The Emptiness That Leads 2 Hell.

Hole N Head While But A Puppet Pon The Devil\'s Thread.

Red Beauties Revel N Cerberus\' Duties.

Temptations That Invite Souls Eternally 2 Sin\'s Cities.

Waurwolves With Meat Cleavers Know Of The NeverAfters.

Fiends Drool Over. Hustlers Hungover.

Fever After Fever: Obey, Chaos. Heinous Gypsies Of The Damnable Bliss.

Kiss Of Death. Lady:Death Is This Necropolis.

Necropolis \'23.