Milton L. Delgado


If I had my life to live over again, oh the changes I would make: I would go sleigh riding and frolic in the snow, marvel at the colors of a rainbow, and gaze at a sunset across the meadow. It doesn\'t seem so very long ago. Forgive me, Father, I just didn\'t know. If I had my life to live over again, oh the changes I would make: I\'d say and do more positive things...things that would endure long after I was gone, be more thankful for the gift of each new dawn, learn the reason I was born, would no longer have regrets to mourn. If only I could live my life over again, I would make sensible choices and set my mind on things above rather than below... laugh, play, share and love more. I would appreciate the songs of the turtledove, awakened to what life is really made of, realize that I am the hand, and God is the glove. \"My eyes are slowly closing.  My head is starting to spin. Something\'s happening to me? I see myself being lifted from my bed but no one seems to be doing the lifting. I\'m rapidly traveling through space, but I\'m not aboard an aircraft...trillions of luminous galaxies are passing. A light, brighter than the sun is vastly approaching; I lift my hand to block its enormous powerful rays. All of a sudden, a tremendous sense of love, Joy, and tranquility overwhelms me unlike I ever experienced before. I\'m entering a New Life!\" Hallelujah!