In the darkness

I once saw the glooming light ,
That’s where my happiness died.

The darkness somehow looked bright.

I felt as though my hands were tied.

All I wanted to do was cry,

Feeling as though this was my last goodbye.

Why do I let myself exaggerate and explode , 

My feelings doesn’t matter , no one can figure out my code.

I try too hard, when I should love my self more,

This darkness is killing me , I just want to Roar!

I want to get back into the light and be brand new ,

But how’s that possible when everyone’s used .

No one says I love you , I just want to say I love you too.

My heart ain’t healing , I feel too bruised.

The sad moments that had  happened was that a dream,

Or was I wake but wasn’t what it seemed.

I can not tell the difference my life is a mess, life is so cruel .

May this be a test ?