Bella Shepard

Sad Little Puppy

“Puppy”, said mother,\" why so blue, 

What on earth is troubling you?

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day 

Why don’t you go outside and play\".


\"I follow my brothers, but they push me aside.

They’re big and they’re strong and I can’t match their stride.

I’m puny and small and they won’t let me play.

What can I do to grow faster each day\"?


\"My dear little puppy, have patience for now

You’ll grow when it’s time, you don’t have to learn how.

If you make some new friends then I’m sure you will see

That your size doesn’t matter, it’s what you can be\".


So puppy went out to see who was around

The barnyard was empty, no one to be found.

He went to the garden and there he found bunny

Who was eating a carrot, and looked at him funny.


“What do you want” he said as he took a big crunch,

\"Can’t you see that I’m eating my lunch\"?


“Do carrots make you grow faster each day?

I’m trying to learn what will help me that way”.


“Of course carrots will make you big and strong,

If you eat them each day you can never go wrong”.


So bunny shared his carrots and puppy ate too many,

And when he was done wished he hadn’t had any.


Then he saw horse, who was munching on hay

And asked him if he could grow faster this way.


“If you want to grow faster then try some of this,

It’s easy to nibble and you do it like this”


So puppy tried munching the hay just like horse

And once again he ate too much of course.

He went to the pasture and there he found cow

Who was grazing on clover, she could show him just how


“Will your clover make me grow faster each day,

So I will be bigger to run, jump and play”?


Cow looked at puppy in her lazy way

\"I’m a cow not a puppy, I really can’t say.

My clover is sweet and gives me what I need

It may help you too if you try it, indeed\".


So puppy ate clover right from the ground

He ate and he ate, there was so much around.


\"Well asked cow, did that do the trick\"?


\"I don’t know said puppy but I feel very sick\".


He ran home to his mother, who was waiting for him

His poor little tummy was filled to the brim.

“Where have you been” his mother did say,

\"I hope that you’ve made some new friends today\"


\"I made some new friends and I ate with them to,

But my tummy is hurting I can’t think what to do\".


\"My silly puppy mother said with a smile

I saw you go out and I watched for a while.

I saw you eat clover and carrots and hay

I wondered how much you could eat in a day.

I thought if I let you, you’d figure it out

That time and growing is what it’s about.

Eat what’s good for a puppy and you will soon see

That you’ll grow in good time and be all you can be\".


So mother licked puppy’s furry little head

\"It’s late in the day and it’s time for bed.

Tomorrow we’ll see what the new day brings

A day that is filled with such wonderful things.

New places to go, new things to explore

New friends to make and there’s so much more.

Be happy my puppy for life will catch up

And one day you’ll find you’re no longer a pup\".


Then puppy looked up at his mother so dear

And knew with her there he had nothing to fear.

And finding a spot where the hay was just right

His little head drooped and he told her goodnight.