My City on Fire

The city I love

in which I grew up,

full of love and laughter

Now lays in ruin behind me.


Deviation rained down upon it mercilessly

Until all the light that it once held

Was snuffed out, never to reignite.


I left behind my innocence in that city.

My treasures and memories

are now buried under ash and burnt lumber.

All I have left of the city that made me

are the clothes on my back and

ashend memories of my youth.


With no home to go back to

I pray that where I am going holds safety and warmth.

Not the warmth of a raging fire,

But the warmth of fellow displaced peoples.

People who know and can recognize my suffering.


I hunker down with my few belongings

And hold fast to the idea that

things will get better.

When the dust and ash settle,

When the fires in my eyes are finally extinguished

I will see that I survived.