Doggerel Dave

Statues - a Rhymeless Rant

And they’ve really started to tumble down –

No, not talking here about Jack and Jill,

But statues commemorating Great Men;

Men with less than desirable CV’s.

     Now let me pose a question:

Statues of these men (and they are all men)

Who once in their day were considered great

Are for many now, just considered not -

Generals, Politicians one and all

Who once committed execrable crimes

Coincidentally? against dark skinned folks

Via slavery, extermination and its ilk.

      So destroy, remove from sight,

Then reverence in the form of a statue

No longer exists. Yes – but History

Is also lost and the World can forget…..

     It is thoughtless people in action here

(Not an unusual phenomenon)

Who must wish to destroy such memory

(From which few have ever learnt anyway –

But there’s hope). So a solution might be:

Secure to their usually ample base

In metal, a roll call of their acts

For all to see: Is that too much to ask?