Dear mom and dad

Dear, Mom and Dad

Teenagers are being picked on and have peer pressure

Words are said that stick  here forever

Our brains wonder and roam

Sometimes things are worse at home


Dads always at work and never here

Moms always sick and i am in fear

There are things that go unknown

Most times I feel alone

I want us all to be happy and close

Because i love you all the most


All friends  leave 

But with family i can achieve

I may be naive 

I may think im mature and all grown

When all is written in stone 

A little girl is all you’ve known


Words have been shared that I regret

And their hard to forget

Im sorry for all i have said

But some words were left unsaid


I am a teenager

But also  dream maker

I have dreams to go above and beyond

Even if you don\'t respond

I try to keep at peace

But my stress i release

on to you, and siblings

But its brings us to new beginnings

So here atlas

In madness

And sadness

 You where there through my highs and lows

Of things nobody knows

Things nobody could understand

Today i make my finale stand

To here i stay true

Of words we all knew

Our family has grew 

Changes are new

I want to be heard

So here is my finale word

We all need patience

Im hardheaded as a bull

Im very grateful 

To have you as my parents

I feel transparent 

Without further ado 

I love you