What should I do?

Wait! What should I do?

Is what I should do

after two guardian angels from Heaven came

to sow big black bumps on the smooth skin licking my feet

bumps that tumble daily from the lower clouds cushioning a cherub

a humble cherub that rains manna timely 

during silent hours and active at dusk

to initiate, because 

in the midst of his chorus, his mistress

who has no ideas, no signs, no feelings, nor can sense, only sees structures

and the cherubim spitting their roar,

seek a white moon in the middle of four dark moons

even at the blast of the holy bells 12 times each day

until the 1 time holy ring each day

still in the angelic smiles of the moon. when the cherubim

steer tongues back and forth the wet rails grading me with lexis

Wait! Where do I live?

Is where I live.