L. B. Mek



This thing, overwhelming 

Taking over, everything 


Crazy, yesterday morning 

A world existed, fully realised

Laughter, bad days

An entirety of reality


Now, your name


Takes up every other



Eyelashes, apparently 

Are now, something I notice

All of a sudden 

Memorising lengths and angles of curl 

Symmetry of their butterfly flutter

As serenading blinks


A thing, I’m obsessed with

Since a quarter to midnight 

Last night


As our lips, alcohol tinged

Introduced themselves 

Your eyelashes, bombarded 

My cheeks 

So now every few minutes 

I’m brushing the back of my hand

On my own face, lost to a mirage

Relieving that furnace, embrace 


I’m scared

I’m exhilaratingly awash with hope

I’m scared 

I’m scintillatingly amazed with life


I’m forgetting 

What reality felt like, before

Your smile

Became both my twilights 



I’m texting, I’m on my way



Till I read your reply, realising 

I has now become, our ‘we’


Your text stated you’re already 



Rushing, to meet me


Oh dear heart, what have we began…



© L. B. Mek

February 2023