Without knowing your gender...,

(nevertheless ex post facto still flattered

genuine heartfelt kinship mattered,

hence the reasonable rhyme
across the webbed wide world
I subsequently scattered).


Linkedin to the previous poem,
(similarly written scant few years ago.

I also codified, glorified, and lamented
an unexpected cessation of communication
with he/him who affixed yours truly

appellation of wise man, which modesty

of mine gently downplays.


Bhutan names defy affiliating,
determining, identifying... gender,

and what a faux pas this dada admits,
when a blessed high school
student did league gully tender

benighted, gifted, ordained yours truly
with sobriquet \"Guru\"
alluded to in previous poem, render
ring this foolish hearty good fella (me)
falling prey to embarrassing situation,

(I did miss render
as would be expected
from this crash test dummy,
who dented his psychological fender),
vis virtual mind bender,

when an initial presumption
smarted Matthew Scott as offender,
asper online youth NO pretender
by him, aye mean the sender
communicated his admiration,

adoration, adulation for this big spender
of sincerity, viz singular poetic magi - (ha)

made presumption that
unknown messenger slender,

and female, and

upon enclosing appender

referencing person as \"lovely princess\"

did respondent clarify finding deface
of zee poet here -
logic chops went thru blender

as if slapped by a suspender

experiencing irrevocable shame
as though a contender
attempting to guide false supposition

playfully mistaking sexual

identity of male sender,

he (young kneeler)
bowed as winning scoring goaltender
down as mine professed

metrical feet, he who acquiesced
non Asian minor, friender
NOT seeking moneylender,
nor mistook my heart of gold,

mine apology I did obligingly surrender


and possibly chuckled to himself,
asper an uproarious hellbender

whereat my countenance turned

sixty plus four shades of lavender.