When the Walls Were Magnolia

When the Walls Were Magnolia


Where are those

love letters

he wrote for you ..

I know

for a fact, they

were bound

and then placed

in a box

on the shelf he

once made

for the wall of

a room

you once shared

together ..

I also recall,

those walls were


and the quilt

then consisted

of patched

Laura Ashley

with two pillows

each of both

lilac and cream ..

That though was

way back

when the old

leaded window

looked out

over the garden

and courtyard

to somewhere


where the church

of Saint Luke

still stands tall,

formal and proud ..

Yet of all

of those things,

he cared

to remember ..

Without a shadow

of doubt,

it was surely

the love letters,

he wrote

all those years

ago now and came

home for ..

He wanted

more than ever

to leave with today ..