The one to blame

When something goes wrong

they start looking for the liability 

but why is it always me

who should take responsibility?


it\'s not the fault of the stupid stove

that just can\'t seem to work

or even his own fault 

agreeing to the things I did

it can\'t even be no ones fault 

can\'t be seen as an accident

because someone just has to take the blame


but why am I at fault

when nothing is working right

why do I have to listen to his screams

having to keep my lips tight

but when I scream back

telling him I\'m Innocent

telling him I\'m not at fault

they say suck it in

keep your head down

he\'s just angry 

he just needs one to blame


but why

why do need to suck it in?

why do I need to listen?

why can\'t I scream back?

why,  just why

am I always the one to blame?