Atomic brinkmanship double edged sword of Damocles

Grisly bared horror jawbones Kristallnacht
totalitarian brandishes, flaunts, launches

global threat half cocked.


Vladimir Putin itching

to loose nuclear bomb

end of the world scenario ofttimes

iterated throughout history

though an atheist (actually Unitarian),

no doubt this, that or another psalm

countless times the Bible

references Armageddon and doomsday

impossible mission to remain

cool, collected and calm.


Whether affiliated with donkey or elephant

Democrat or Republican viz

blue war red respectively

political hot issues don\'t amount

to a (Sam) hill of beans

when Sword of Damocles count

approaches zero hour

as global tensions mount


signaling increased chance

trigger finger will free
avast nuclear winter

(across world wide web) re:

leasing plethora, pyrocumulus

mushroom clouds tree


mend us planetary explosions

annihilating webbed wide
 world, an irrevocable

indeed earthlinked debacle

spelling widespread species

multitudinous extinction

ex post de facto after super

bowling powers (wannabe) vied


to wrest empowerment spanning

entire realm sans third rock

from the father, sun and holy ghost,

who turned substantial pockets
of flora and fauna

once populating oblate spheroid ad hoc

significant swaths of life forms

pulverized and/or turned to ash

transformed into radioactive wasteland
giving T.S. Eliot a run for his money

after war mongers brash

lee usurped hegemony

(ruling inhabitants

of Gaia with an iron fist

with a smidgen of flavoring

courtesy of Missus Dash


superfluous taste enhancer,

when sibling burnt offering views

between Venus and Mars incendiary

tolled mourning news

smithereens sole remnant

poisoned every square inch

from weapon of mass destruction


that did (akin to doubting Thomas) cruise

engendering thick noxious fog

disabling fox but not cockroach

while smoldering seas and continents

skull and crossbones didst poach

amidst the gasified, liquified, pureed

where holographic ghoulish super bowl coach


rendering lifelessness home for menagerie

where virtue trounced vice as organisms

(particularly one primate) didst try

(predominant 21st century simians)

tool heave with amity, comity, and empathy

animals and plants an experiment

that went awry


presaging a nuclear winter with nary a winner

implicating mankind as the absolute sinner

instantaneously after Doomsday Clock

signaled point of no return

where grim reaper the sole grinner

feasting on human flesh for dinner.