cyriac maliakkal


I  was quiet resemble the counter 
Of common ways of keeping lighted one,
Mostly deliberated the habits of me
And widely embraced a contest.
Tomorrow will not be last days of me and
And the fine days of me.
I grew at the  tower of pride.
Regained the vocabulary of my personification.
Clapped the soul of arts,
Most paintings were blinded the spirits.
I was at the tower of empty.
And regarded the unnoticed art of man.
I emerged from the hiatus of my
Hiatus past,
Today is not great to paste the memory.
I was running while you were following me.
I was highly handsome at the topic of
Your gossip.
Returned from the fruitless ambitions.
You did the coronation of my ocular animation.
I am an envious man to keep the beauty .
You were became prejudiced to conquer 
Me and my tower.
I was to became grew,
Every darkness has common complaint;
Where there placed lights.
I was almighty among the experience and
Wisdom of me:
Verified it in a vessel.
Future is to be best if i die at today.
Morning was brought the light and
Embraced with a dreadful light.
I would be night among the nature
I would be darkness among the lights
I am not great to conquer myself.