The queens


The queens

I am not sure but it seems
like the chess exists thanks to the queens.
The royal women are so crazy about a win,
specially when they compare themselves with another queen.

During the game, they get most of the attention,
the player follows carefully every queen\'s action.
What is her intention?
Do i lose the control of the situation?

The player get mostly excited when they move.
Who knows what they try again to prove.
They can be so unpredictable,
the queens are unbelievable.

I find the role of the kings unfortunate.
Their attempts to hide themselves are permanate.
You can have only pity with them,
their suffering in the game, no one can stem.
The fate of the kings depends on the queens, specially on their behavior.
For every king, the queen is his savior.

If there were princesses in the game,
the chess would not be the same.
The old royal women know that they can only win,
if there is not a younger potential queen.

Written by Gjoshe Pocev