The Sound Heart

A sound heart beats with flowing grace,

A rhythm that carries us through life\'s race,

It dances to the beat of love and joy,

And fills us with a peaceful, tranquil buoy.


Its melody is like a gentle breeze,

That soothes our souls and puts us at ease,

It sings to us of hope and strength,

And helps us go to any length.


A sound heart is a river of life,

That quenches our thirst in times of strife,

It nourishes our spirit and our soul,

And helps us reach our ultimate goal.


It is a beacon of light that shines so bright,

Guiding us through the darkest of night,

It keeps us on our path and on our way,

And helps us face the challenges of each day.


So let us listen to our heart\'s sweet song,

And let its rhythm carry us along,

For when we tune in to its flowing beat,

We\'ll find the peace and joy that we seek.