Kinsley Lee

In the Friday Evening at Kyung-Eui Line Park

In the park, the sun declined in the west

And the warm winds are blowing on the empty boughs

And the public houses, the people are rest

On the chairs, drinking, they smooth out their brows.


After working, they are walking the parkway

Stores are welcoming the guests opening

The windows, and stores are along the long way.

On the faces, they the lighthearted are feeling.


The young lads and lasses are folding their arms

And it looks that their faces are brighter than the road lights.

And the sounds of the laughter are heard like the firearms.

The tables are waiting for them brightening the table lights.


The winds blow on the parting lads and lasses

And somewhere it smells the spring perfume.

In the dark, it flows the tree over the grasses

In the park, the ume flowers are beginning to bloom.