It all begins from the fetus.

All the struggle begins from there. 
Infancy to Adulthood is no joke. 

Take me back to those days in which all I had to worry about was the breast milk flowing from my mother’s perky breasts. 
It’s been three years without a hug from her. 
welcome to adulthood!

A stage in your life in which you have to worry.

what am I going to eat for breakfast?

What is for lunch? 
What is for dinner?

How am I going to pay my rent?

And the water? The light? Groceries?

it is a ton of them

If I keep listing them, we will be here till Thy kingdom comes  

Adulthood is no joke.

It is more than having that masculine/feminine body.

It is a test of faith, competence, and strength 

Adulthood, a sect that tests resilience and humbles you in seconds.

If she were a person, I would have kicked her butt.

But adulthood is not a person, it just reflects in persons. Otherwise, humanity.

Let them find adulthood and send it to exile in any way possible.

It is starting to cause more harm than good.