Capturing Commitment

Tune: Morning Hymn

(\'Awake my soul, and with the sun\')


Psalm 23 v.1-2

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall

Not want, but of His goodness tell

And He makes me to lie down in

Green pastures, pleasantries therein


Psalm 23 v.4

Even though I walk through valley

Of the shadow of death, it be

That no evil will I fear there

For you the way with me do share


Psalm 24 v.1

The earth is the Lord\'s, its fullness

He created it, and does bless

The world and all that therein dwell

They of His providings do tell


Psalm 25 v.5

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me

You God of my salvation be

On you do I wait all the day

Hear me now as I watch and pray


Psalm 25 v.9-10

The meek will He guide in justice

Meek and humble teach, true is this

All His paths mercy and truth be

To all who keep to His words, see


Psalm 26 v.2-3

Examine me, O Lord, prove me

Try my conscience and heart here free

For your loving-kindness it is

Before my eyes, your truth my bliss