I Can Deal With That.

Well off we go today,

Down to a hotel by the sea.

We know we will look out,

Look out from the balcony

And the glorious sea will be there,

Be there in front of us.

We will walk along the shore

Breathing the clean fresh air

Seeing the seabirds

And loving our life together.

In the hotel they take care,

Take care of us so well.

I am quite happy to sit at a table

And a waiter will approach,

“Would you like a drink sir?”

“Yes please” I reply

And I order the drinks,

And back he comes

Places the drinks before us,

Yes, I can deal with that,

Deal with quite happily.

We know that it will be good

Having a few days away

Where we do nothing,

Do nothing but enjoy,

Enjoy our life together,

Being waited on.

Yes we can deal with that.