Praise Pieces

Tune: Camberwell

(one tune to \'At the name of Jesus\')


Psalm 100 v.1-2

Make joyful noise unto

The Lord, His word true

All you lands give Him praise

To Him your songs raise

Serve the Lord with gladness

His good deeds confess

Come before His presence

Sing with thankfulness


Psalm 102 v.12-13

You, Lord, shall endure e\'er

Your years they end ne\'er

You remembered shall be

Generations agree

You shall rise, have mercy

On Zion, city

Your dwelling-place, favour

Shall come unto her


Psalm 102 v.25-26

Of old you have laid, set

Earth\'s foundations yet

Heavens, work of your hands

Created all lands

They shall perish, but you

Shall endure anew

They temporary, but you

Eternal we view


Psalm 103 v.17

Mercy of the Lord is

Everlasting, this

Our comfort, for they who

Godly fear Him do

Know that mercy, kindness

Loving, He shall bless

Gives us His righteousness

Forgives sins no less