The Cross In The Cold

I grew up in a town called Sidney

A community blessed with commerce and industry.

A city which boasted of wholesomeness and charity

Only to find out otherwise I witnessed arrogance, favoritism and hypocracy.


I was bullied, shunned, and rejected by those with elevated egos and narcissism

Only giving lip service to God while I was continually exploited

Because I lacked good looks, intelligence and money.


Making me feel I was left out in the cold

A secular world reserved for those who were the proud and the bold

Yet a man was born as the humble Son of the Heavenly Father

Given birth by a couple consisting of a lowly carpenter and a sweet and tender Virgin Mother.


The photo you see above this poem was taken on a cold winter\'s day in Boise, Idaho

Ironically, I was rejected and felt dejected because I didn\'t have money and a name dontcha know

But above the cold and freezing temperatures a Cross stands way above

We are living in the end Our Lady of Medjugorje is pleading to a sinful humanity return to God and His mission and message of unconditional love.




JML 3/18/23