Shakespeare Doesn\'t Live Here Anymore


Shakespeare doesn\'t live here anymore
Mama doesn\'t cry when she opens daddy\'s door
My uncle, he comes often, and really is a bore
They try to sell us what we don\'t care for anymore

An Indian chief, they say, used to own this land
The neighbors are too good, to lend a helping hand
The barn we built is rotting in the sand
The only songs we like, are played by a foreign band

The luck we have is bad, but it could be a whole lots worse
I fell in love for a moment, with my stupid doctor\'s nurse
I taught the children what they know, except the way to curse
I stole some pretty flowers, and bummed a ride in a minority\'s hearse

If you don\'t go to school, you won\'t know how to flirt
You\'ll never know it all, unless you eat some dirt
They spanked my brother once again, he said it didn\'t hurt
Don\'t you know the Chinese have made you a pretty shirt

When asked to join the club, you better not refuse
When you play a game with heroes, it\'s ok if you only lose
Don\'t believe it if you\'re told that you cannot sing the blues
I think I\'ve something better, than the TV and it\'s news

The science of behavior is just a foolish name
You may be free tomorrow, but you\'ll never be the same
I wish I weren\'t guilty, and that you deserved the blame
The ones we thought were wild, they all turned out to be tame