Jerry Wayne Lawrence

Sweetheart Lounge

Strange & Enchanting @ Each Unbelievably Charming Rate.

Great Time, Alwayz, Had.

Bad Girl & Good Girl Mingle & Gossip Fluently Amidst The Hypnotic Tunes Of Their Female U.N.I.T.Y.

Cheerfully & Giggly. Babes. Babes Galore.

Star Glitter & The Intoxicating Aromas From \"Bubbly Falls\".

Dolls, Come 2 Life, Reveling N Their Better Glamour.

Pleasure Unlimited Leaves Such A Atmosphere Unpressured.

Gobbled Down Goodies That Must B Manna.

\"Manna Buffet\": Delicacies & Such Keep Her Approvingly Salivating.

Dancing Damsels Distracting Divinely.

Quietly & Gently We Leave, This Tribute 2 Legendary Ladies Night, Sweetheart Lounge.