I can\'t live without you...

to me you are worthy more than the air I breath

or so I thought...

I gave you my everything and due to that everyday felt like my breaking point

it was never your fault

it was simply because I felt like you were the only one I had left...

I guess making you my everything made me realize that perhaps you needed me more than I did you

I wanted you and I still do that I can\'t deny

but making you my everything was my mistake

now I\'ve realized that though I still want you my life doesn\'t revolve around you

I am so scared of losing you 

but I know that what\'s meant to be will be

doesn\'t mean I\'m finna give up on fighting for you

I\'ll just change my tactics

I\'ll always fight for you

but I won\'t give you the power to control my life

someday I\'ll proudly call you mine

but for now I shall live my life!

Until we meet again...