If it Did not Mind, Did it Matter?

If it did not mind, did it matter?

If it left, all the better?

Perhaps it was, perhaps it was not

Until all Hope left, a battle hard was fought


If it did not mind, did it matter?

Misery grew fatter, and my hope -- Shattered!

What now, I ask?

You have a mission, get back to your task


You went with your heart, your brain asleep

The death of logic, the Beast within may weep!

You had your fun, now let Him out

From deep within, you can hear a shout


\"The warmth of feelings comforts your soul!

But the warmth takes a heavy toll!

You must be cold, a heart of stone

I can save thee, only I alone!\"


I remember thee, you saved me once

Kept me sane, I nearly went nuts!

Take over again, I am tired

My heart got lost in finding what I desired.