cyriac maliakkal


He was walking through the bank of river.
He put on a cap made with arecanute  fibre..
My friend asked him to:where you go?.
He had nothing to say 
He did not wear a shirt but he was not attractive.
Every day he had walked through 
The bank of the river
And again my friend asked him to
Where are you go?.
Then the man replied:
You also act with as same as you.
The man seventy years old.
His mouth was large.
His voice was thrice time loud.
He had looked persons with angry.
And he shouted with vulgar words.
At the next morning he was walking
Through the bank of river .
My friend sneered him as shouted
On early days.
That exhausted the old man
He threated my friend:to be sent him
To jail through mantra.
The old man and my friend did not
Compromise for ever.
Sometime the old man picked some 
Medicine plants from his house
And he sold it in nearest market 
But he was not well about that.
He could get the money through that; and
But he was not wealthy.
He also threated his children but he
Was not a dangerous man.
Every one feared him but with his manner
There was no objects for trembling.
Once a day he was carrying a bundle
Of banana leaves .
My friend asked him to:where are you
Go with this.
The man replied:
I have been doing this for the last thirty to forty years.
He carried a bundle of banana leaves
To the wedding parties.
But he was not invited to any marriage
He did not get any wedding feast
Some time he helped in the cocinar.
But he was no know about that.
He did many things and matters.
But by no means he was not at that