Q & A Upon Leaving

Q & A Upon Leaving

Are you leaving today with no hope of return?

When did our blazing love cease to burn?


Still, I know the warmth of your embrace

and I know that fear upon your face.


What can I do to entice you to stay with me?

Would it be a cruise upon the sea?


Still, I know the flavor of your kisses

and I know the depth of your wishes. 


Did the fire from our love melt the gold that we wore? 

Will our love be damned forevermore?            


Still, I have seen the fire in your lustrous brown eyes

and have felt the hurt from your goodbyes.


Will the embers of our love become ashes of the past?

How long can this bitter coldness last?               


Still, I know the softness of your arms

and desire the pleasure of your charms.


Did the passing of time bring us to be estranged?

Is it now too late for us to change?


Still, I hope you will be here tomorrow

and let it be the end of my sorrow.

Are you leaving today? Can I beg you to stay?

Not even a kiss, as you go on your way?


And I know . . . my poor heart will pine away.