Kayla Jackson

Just Broken

 She was infatuated 

with his smile

those eyes

 He was someone she wanted

someone she needed

but he was to good for her

and that was something she knew

but oh how he made 

her nervous

made her laugh

how he spoke

and laughed so much himself

 He gave her her smile

but it never really left

the back of her mind

that she wasn\'t enough

 So she slipped amongst the chaos

slowly killing herself

and their connection

there she set

behind the pieces of

a broken smile

so full of anger and torture

that she brought upon herself

then released it towards the world

becoming bitter

 As time passed

she\'d see him in the distance

and think to herself

how gorgeous he really is

and all the what ifs

She\'d go home and read letters

go through old photos and write

 She always kept pieces of him

but she carried them as secrets

Somehow everything

she had for him as a child


throwing her into 

a whirlwind of emotions

giving her the fight to

dust off some of the pieces

and smile again

 She was always in love

      Just Broken

       She still is