I Shall Be Back.

Yet again they did it,

They took me away,

Away into a world of music.

The smile on my face

Just grew and grew

As each new song was played,

Played and sung,

Songs I knew so well.

And suddenly the smile went

As a sad song was sang

And the emotion within me

Took me to another place,

But then I was back smiling,

Smiling and laughing

At the music and the performance.

Every emotion was brought to me,

Brought to me during that evening

During the wonder of the Songbooks,

The Great American Songbooks

Performed by this great band

Who in all their playing

Seemed to enjoy it more than me.

Such a wonderful evening

I will not forget it,

As yet again they did it,

Took me into their world,

Their world of music,

And the joy, love and emotions,

Emotions that music can bring,

Can bring into my life

And to the life of all.

And all I can now say

About this wonderful band is:

“I shall be back!”