Praise Panorama

Tune: Regent Square

(\'Light\'s abode, celestial Salem\')

Psalm 145 v.10-18


All your works shall praise you, O Lord

Saints shall bless you, true your word

They shall too speak of the glory

Of your kingdom, so it be

And shall talk of all your power

For it decreases no hour


They shall make known unto mankind

His mighty acts, so they find

And the glorious majesty

Of His kingdom, whole and free

Your kingdom, Lord, everlasting

Is through all eternity


And your dominion it endures

Through all generations lores* (*cultures, stories, etc)

The Lord upholds all the that fall

Raises up those bowed down, small

The eyes of all wait, look to you

You give them food, drink anew


You open your hand, satisfy

Providing for us, you nigh

Satisfy desire of every

Living thing that there may be

Created by your good hand sure

You will ten them evermore


The Lord righteous in all His ways

Through the years, the nights and days

In all His works He be holy

And gracious unto us, see

He night to all that on Him call

In truth, they helped, shall not fall