Accidental Poet


Again, like so many times before

You come to me in the night

With your smile so radiant

A smile to outshine the Sun so bright


Had I known before we met

That you would come into my life

Be my first and last love

Without being my wife


I’d pledge my love to you

My heart’s core so deep

For you Sharon, and you alone

Yours forever to keep


That your smile will live in me

Inspire my own smile

For all my days

Through life’s lesson mile


For to me

Life is about love

About family, friends and romance

And everything born thereof


Should ever our eyes meet again

Just one request I’ll ask of you

To look back on our time

And know my love for you is true


Just touch my dream

With that smile I adore

For I’ll be loving you



Copyright © Accidental Poet 2023